DuoJetStream Technology

The DuoJetStream principle is based on two independent air flows by means of a pipe-in-pipe pressure system, which form a central and horizontal vacuum field. This flow field has a big horizontal and vertical suction action in the smoke collection area.
The expertise of an independent institute confirms the high smoke collection efficiency of the patented technology.
The slight inclination of the suction nozzle plate with an integrated guide element and lamp illumination body accelerate the natural and thermal convection towards an inflow opening. Tobacco smoke, which streams from the bottom or from the side, are therefore certainly sucked in. The flow field of the rotating suction slot ensures that the polluted air flow, which seems to drift along the module, is deflected and collected.
An integrated motion sensor ensures energy savings and will be gentle on the filters. This motion sensor will only be activated if it is in the vicinity of the DJS-System. The controllable fan and flap system are automatically activated via the signal. As option, speakers can also be integrated for a musical accompaniment. A so-called Push-Pull System is another option possible with high cross-flow which activates an injector action via an air-jet and therefore also ensures high smoke coverage in case of difficult conditions.