Characteristics: SmokeLight, Type SATURN

Our SmokeLight®, Type SATURN fulfils 2 requirements in one element!

The modern design of a lamp provides your premises with a pleasant atmosphere. The highly efficient DuoJetStream smoke collection technology ensures that your guests do not have to stay in “stinking” and contaminated rooms.

The innovative and flexible mountable SmokeLight®, Type SATURN was developed by designers and experts in suction and ventilation technology especially for the gastronomy and smoking lounges taking into account the current laws and guidelines.

Choose your appropriate conceptual versions A / B / C!

Option A: 100% exhaust air into the open air

Option B: Return of the cleaned air with external filter

Option C: circulation air ducts with integrated filtration


Basically a distinction is made for this system between waste air (unfiltered into the open air) and circulating air operation (filtered return air in the room).