As far as the model B circulating air is concerned, the air loaded with harmful substances will be captured by the individual SmokeLights and fed to a 5-stages-filter unit through connected pipes or ducts. To save money the filtered air will be recirculated in the room. The filter tower has a modular structure and is designed for 24-hour operation. The filter volumes used allow high service life and therefore long service intervals. All test criteria are met with this filter and existing air handling units will not be affected by harmful substances coming from tobacco smoke. The user-friendly electronic control manages the automatic energy-saving operation of the system. The filter unit can be positioned in a different room (storage room, kitchen, etc.). Integrated muffler elements enable quiet operation and a noiseless return of the cleaned air in the room. To have a sufficient fresh air supply it is essential to provide the persons situated in the room with enough oxygen.

Compile with our configurator your SmokeLights, type SATURN, option B.