SmokeLight – the solution for smoking rooms

The best smoking room is the room in which you don’t notice that people are smoking.
Our DuoJetStream Smoke collection technology provides optimal collection of the rising tobacco smoke and prevents its diffusion in the whole room. Therefore walls, ceilings and other surfaces will not be the source of smells, which compromise the acceptance of smoking rooms.
Various SmokeLight options provide a solution for the specific need of your facility.
Option A captures the tobacco smoke and leads it unfiltered to atmosphere through a canal system with a fan. To compensate, the air flow is outside air or an air supply system which feeds in the clean and tempered air. Heat recovery systems are used to save energy.
Options B & C captures the tobacco smoke and leads it through a 5-stages filter system back in the room. The air flows are balanced. Care must be taken to have a sufficient separate fresh air supply which, however, is significantly smaller than option A.
Whilst Option B has a separate filter tower with fan for various SmokeLight ventilation systems, option C operates autonomously with an integrated 5-stages filtration and fan and doesn’t require any canal system.
Optimum results for the collection of tobacco smoke by means of the DuoJetStream smoke collection technology are achieved if the use of the ventilation system ensures a suitable contribution of supplied air. Displacement ventilation has proven to be good whereby the incoming air steams to the floor with a very low speed and from there, supports the emission of tobacco smoke.
To carry out the concept with canal system or ventilation systems we recommend working with your local ventilation contractor.